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An Open Letter to the girl who accidentally found my blog…

You googled “Can I do baptisms for the dead when I’m having my period?”  and you found this.  And then you stayed for 18 minutes and read 11 posts…  I’m assuming you are deep in throws of your teenage years, attending Young Women’s and trying to feel the spirit.  I would kill to know if you laughed when you read my blog, or if you read in horror and think I’m a terrible person.   Whatever you think, I’m at least happy to have provided you with the knowledge that no, you cannot do baptisms for the dead when you have your period.


Shark Week spirit tears…

I was lying on the couch earlier and a thought struck me with such force I had to sit up and take a deep breath.  The thought was, I NEED A CHIMICHANGA. OR MAYBE A PIZZA.  I’m not ashamed to admit that a blush inducing dirty thought may have also flashed through my mind at the same time, prompting a quick mental calculation.  Yes, my monthly gift was fast approaching and therefore, all will power, rational emotion and reasoning would soon be exiting my general existence.