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Secret Underpants Conversation Number Two…

Over the years I’ve had a number of conversations about garments with my mom.  These conversations have ranged from sincere questioning, to taunting, to disbelief and on and on… The conversation I’m about to share is the absolute ultimate, and I had thought that I’d hang on to it for a while, but it truly deserves the tag of Secret Underpants conversation NUMBER TWO and I just can’t help myself.  (You will understand in a minute…)


American Apparel Lace bodysuits make me sad…

This lace bodysuit makes me feel bad about myself.   Overly.  I feel personally offended by this bodysuit, as though it reached out and slapped my ass without my permission.


It’s not sacred when it’s touching your butt…

The first Secret Underpants conversation I remember having with my mom…

Me: Mom, why do you wear your bra and underwears over your garments?

Mom: Because my garments are sacred and should be closest to my skin.

Me: Yeah, but it looks stupid.  Wait, why are they secret?



Larry King and the no Secret Underpants wearin’ Un-Mormon…

Ok, what is up with all this Larry King and his Mormon wife bullshit?