Sister Secret Underpants Best Actress Nominee!

That’s a big lie.  I wasn’t nominated for an Oscar.  Actually, I was nominated for a Brodie!! In two different categories- Funniest Humor Piece  for Plygga Please and Most Amusing Vignette or Personal Anecdote for Shark Week Spirit Tears!!!  How awesome is that!  I seriously didn’t think anyone was even reading this!

My girl crush Eliza R. Snitch has well deserved nominations all over the place.   If I were going to bet, which I can totally do now that I’m not an 8 year old Mormon girl, I would say that Eliza is going to sweep the Brodies.  She is to our exmo blogging community what Natalie Portman is to the Academy Awards this year with Black Swan- THE SHIT.

I have zero expectations of winning anything, but I don’t care!  I am RIDICULOUSLY thrilled to be nominated along side Eliza and Koda and Mormon Expression.   And since Secret Underpants is TRULY secret- only my husband knows about it- that means any praise I get for it comes from folks I don’t know.  And as we all know, when your mom tells you look cute you don’t believe it.  But if some random homeless guy on the street calls you foxy then it must be so.  Right?

To that point, since I can’t tell my mom or my friends about this and beg them to vote,  it’s up to you, dear reader.   If you want to, you can vote here:


Vote, and you will be my very own random homeless guy, hurling compliments and making my day…

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  1. January 11th, 2011 | Carla says:


  2. January 13th, 2011 | Secret Underpants says:

    You too Carla!

  3. January 24th, 2011 | Rock Waterman says:

    “I seriously didn’t think anyone was even reading this!”

    You have no idea how much I like your blog.

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