Bizarro Sister Secret and “The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance”…

Do you guys remember that Seinfeld episode with Bizarro Jerry and the gang?  Basically, they come across a group of friends in NYC that are exactly like Jerry, George and Kramer, but in a completely opposite way.  I think I found my bizarro Sister Secret!

Here’s what happened: I devoured Elna Baker’s book “The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance” this weekend.  DEEE-VOW-WERD.  From what I can tell, this book came out last October and I can’t figure out why I never heard about it!  As I read it, I felt like I had found my very own Bizarro  version of me in New York City.  The honest to goodness Mormon Virgin version of me that I gave up on (privately in high school and then publicly when I moved to NYC).   We both moved to NYC at the same age but went about our lives in very different ways.   She went to the singles ward on Sunday – I  spent Sunday’s sleeping off  hangovers or brunching with friends.   One of her early jobs in NYC was working as actress/toy demonstrator  at FAO Schwartz – I spent mine (well, a part of mine) working as a cigarette girl for Miss Kitties Concessions.  Elna went on dates with non-members and “kissed” guys – I went on dates and screwed them.   Both of our mom’s were afraid of us being gay and were sure that living in NYC would make it so, even though it didn’t.   We both moved to New York City with big dreams of being actresses and while I quickly realized it wasn’t I wanted, I think Elna has an incredible shot.  She is already being called the “Mormon Tina Fey”.    What can I say?  The bitch is funny….

I’m hoping she doesn’t get hit too hard from the TBM’s out there- I’ve read a few things that make it sound like LDS book stores didn’t carry her book.  She definitely defends the faith, but she also questions things and has moments of doubt.   There are plenty of book reviews out there so I’m not going to venture to do one justice.  I’m just going to tell you all how much I loved the book and I would love to hear if anyone else read it or heard anything about it Church-side…

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  1. October 5th, 2010 | Urban Koda says:

    It only took me a day or two to read. Thoroughly enjoyed it, although it left me pretty sad as well… More just for opportunities missed, since I have similar things in my past.

    Church side – haven’t heard much, although you may enjoy this.

  2. October 5th, 2010 | Secret Underpants says:

    That was a great interview Koda! Thanks so much for sending it- makes me like her even more. I also listened to the Priesthood Wrap up and thought you were great- I agree, they should keep you around so your accent can class up the joint. :)

  3. October 7th, 2010 | Becky says:

    I love Seinfeld. Glad you found your bizarro self. lol

  4. October 9th, 2010 | Richard of Norway says:

    Just found your blog linked from Mormonexpression.com and had to comment. I love it! You’re a great writer, full of wit and charm. Keep it up! :)

  5. October 13th, 2010 | Dadsprimalscream says:

    I studied at NYU back in the 80’s and at the time I was the only Mormon undergrad there that I know of. My roommate came with me to the Halloween Dance and we brought nice girls working as Nannys up in Westchester back to our room and made out all night.

    My roommate hated it because he didn’t get any farther than copping a feel. I knew that’s all I could expect … and didn’t really want more anyway.

    I loved the book and I found her approach to the church to be refreshing. Staying in NYC she’ll be fine but she’ll never make it out in a suburban ward in middle America. It was a fun read down memory lane.