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I just discovered this neato thing called Formspring.  You can ask folks questions (anonymously if you want) and they have to answer.   I put the little widget thang at the bottom right of my blog here, so ask away!  I got the ball rolling by asking our buddy Koda a question and then baiting him into asking me a question.  And by baiting, I mean that I basically told him what to ask me and the good man complied.  So here we go:

Is there anyone you really

wanted to be when you grew up?

asked by UrbanKoda

Why yes, Koda there was!  How funny you should ask…

I had what my mother felt was an unholy obsession with all things Olivia Newton John.  And no, not the Olivia Newton John from Grease.   I’m talking about the celestial princess Olivia Newton John in Xanadu.  But seriously, how could you blame me?  She was beautiful and heavenly, she could sing and most importantly, ROLLER SKATE.  Could any one person be any cooler?  To me, she seemed like the perfect Mormon woman.  Minus a bunch of kids.  But I always assumed that in Xanadu 2 we would see her getting  married in the temple to Sonny, birthing a giant family and canning tomatoes for her food storage.   This was at the time when we lived in Provo and I still believed that EVERYONE was Mormon…  I was about 7.

And so I went about my obsession, finding ways to incorporate Olivia Newton John in my life wherever I could.  I wore my roller skates at all times and I attached ribbons to my barrettes.  I would sneak blouses out of my moms closet and wear them slung off one shoulder which would elicit a loud command to put the shirt back, as well as stern discussion about how wearing shirts that exposed ones  bare shoulder  was immodest.  In the midst of my obsession, my parents got me and my brother two kittens, a  boy and a girl.  Since my little brother was too young to name his cat I got to name both of them.  I immediately named the boy kitten  Shaun Cassidy and the girl kitten Olivia Newton John.   Mom was furious and told me no, I couldn’t name them that but somehow I prevailed and the names stuck.  I insisted they be called by their full names and acted like a bad Hollywood agent on their behalf- demanding better food for them and insisting that Olivia Newton John come out roller skating with me, even though my mom assured me she would run away.

And oh, the heartbreak…  I snuck Olivia Newton John out of the house with me to go rollerdancing.  I had attached a flimsy ribbon leash to her flea collar  (which of course matched my barrettes) and off we went to perform.  There was a brick wall where I used to reenact the opening scene of Xanadu and if the real Olivia Newton John ever witnessed my performance she would have slapped me.  But I digress.  It took Olivia Newton John exactly 45 seconds to escape her flimsy ribbon leash.   Cue the tears.  Like a bad movie, I went rollerskating all around the block crying and yelling: “Olivia Newton John!  Where are you!”  If my neighbors didn’t already think I was a strange child, the sight of me crying on rollerskates and screaming for Olivia Newton John sealed the deal.    I never saw Olivia Newton John again and I cried for her for many many years…

So there you have it.   Olivia Newton John is a goddess and I totally wanted to be her when I grew up.  If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on my rollerblades and listen to Xanadu on my ipod now…

*And don’t be shy!  Ask me some questions!!  It’s right there ———->>>>

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  1. September 26th, 2010 | Becky says:

    Hahaha. I don’t dare ask the question this makes me think of. Ok, yes I do dare. How old are you? This kind of ages you. I don’t remember being into Olivia Newton John… But then she did sing the most sinful song ever–”Let’s get Physical.” Well, my mom thought that was the worst song ever, until I bought a cassette single of “I wanna sex you up.” Wow, after my little sis ratted me out, my mom broke that tape right in half. haha. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  2. September 26th, 2010 | Secret Underpants says:

    Hahaha!! Becky, I admire the balls it took to ask me how old I am. And I will answer you, but you have to use the nifty Formspringy thing on the right side of my blog. I’m totally just delaying the inevitable shame… :) Oh, and btw, I loved “I wanna sex you up” such a good song!